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    Vision, Mission & Purpose
Our Vision:
The ultimate vision of Jesus messenger is to accomplish the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that is “Go into all the world and preach the Good news to all creation” (Mark 16:15; NIV).

Our vision is to break the powers of the Dark and to spread the gospel beyond the Boundaries of all Nations, with the authority of the Lord Almighty, who is the King of the entire Universe.

Our Mission:

Jesus Messenger has high hopes to Encourage, Motivate, and Empower people of every Age, Tribe, Language and Nation to discover the Truth, and the Truth shall set them free. We want to spread the Word of the God, the True Gospel to all the Five Continents and to glorify the Name of Lord Jesus Christ.


How did we start this ministry?

A few years back there was limited access to listen to the Word of God, except during the church services. Everything started with a Single Audio Cassette. Once we got an audio cassette Message about revelation and judgment, which we passed to our friends and my family. (As I was from a Muslim back ground, my parents were practicing Muslim. But now they all are believers of Jesus Christ).

I was running out of resources for more messages and I prayed God. He sent lot of CDs through his children. When I got these ample CDs, God inspired my heart to copy it and distribute to others. I was Copying and Distributing the CDs to others.

Then God insisted our minds to open a Web Site. The Primary Plan was to have the CD Titles on the web page. So that any person who wanted free CDs can choose from the Titles and e -mail to us. But the Almighty God helped us to launch a website one of its Kind. It gives access to people all around the Globe to watch Messages, Testimonies, Films, Documentaries etc 24 /7. We can send CDs for those who has no access to internet at home, or for those who wanted to give CDs for their friends and families.

We give all Glory, Honor, Praise, and Worship to the Lord Almighty


The Website gives FREE access to people all over the world to listen to the Gospel, Messages, Testimonies and Christian Songs. To send CD s (Free of all charges) to all over the World, where there is no other access to hear the Good news.The Prayer Cell acts as the spine to the Ministry by offering prayer help to the people in need.

The Word of the God says, “Freely you have received, freely give”
(Matthew 10:8 ; NIV)
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