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Submit your prayer request below. Every request sent to us receives loving, compassionate attention. Please know that we are here for you and you are never alone.
(If you mention specially your prayer request will kept secret and confidential, and we will not publish it.)

"Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you,
and you will honor Me."  Psalms - 50: 15

No. Prayer Name
Date & Time
pls prayer for miss shanta for geeting well son so she can walk again
5:24:40 AM

Please pray for my younger brother Febin who is suffering from bipolar disorder for the last 19 years. He is the only son of my aged parents who is born to them at their late age. He is a believer and Is deeply rooted in The Word. He is a mechanical engineer by profession but could never do any job because of his disease. Now he is admitted again in the hospital. We are waiting on the Lord for taking away this curse from our family. Me and my sister Shiny are very much troubled with this problem as there is nobody to take care of him. Please pray that we stay with unwavering faith in the Lord that the promises given by God on our brother will be fulfilled by Him.
10:55:55 AM

lord.please open the door to me with one of the applications that I have put out. I know the Lord's timing is perfect.Father I surrender my career to you. I ask for your guidance for you I surrender this to you and know that you have a perfect plan.
6:02:46 AM

Please pray for my dear friend Ann that her health will improve soon, please pray for her, I'm so worried
3:02:41 PM

dear friends please pray 4 me ive been trying hard 2 lose weight but nothing is working im uniealthy unfit and overweight. I cant deal with it anxmore something has to work my stomach is stopping me breathing properly.God knows wat will help me succeed i need Gods help i just cry & sick again i let u know wat happens x annette
7:28:51 AM

Please pray for Nic to apply for a job tonight or tomorrow. Job opportunity is near Nic's home. However, Nic has difficulty in transitions and Nic is scared not to get the interview or job. Please pray for Nic's courage. Thanks for your prayers.
8:26:29 PM

Pastor, This is my last attempt to write my nursing RN exam in Canada.I had failed in the previous 2 attempt,this is my last attempt.My exam is on Feb 5th 2014.please pray for me to pass.Thanking you Nissi
4:28:44 PM

mother bless our kids,My daughter is a tablet addict. She is married.she needs to have child too. please pray that she will stop taking tablets, that she will stop being addicted .release miracle upon her,her womb.sudden release for her bro,his job!may god bless you richly for praying for others.amen.
2:04:03 AM

I am praying for Godís mercy and favour that He forgives me my sins and He gives me favour so that I can pass my employment screening and start my new job in London. Thank you.
4:28:44 PM

I am Julie i have got a prayer request regarding our job, we recently migrated to Australia me and my husband both are looking for a a job,please pray for us to get a permanent job as soon as possible,nothing is impossible with God. Thanks Julie please keep this secret and confidential.Thanks.
6:44:28 AM

Stand in prayer with me!pray for me in the name of Jesus to get my visa.let Godz favour be opened towards my application process and those that are workin on it! Amen
3:42:02 AM

God Bless Us My job is lost now please prayer for me a new job. I beleve jesus with me.
johnson francis
1:36:44 PM

Rickie Lee Hoyle,Jr Here. I have Filed for a Loan Modification on my house. This is the second time. The First time it went through all the way to the Underwriters then was rejected. I have gotten the matter taken care of as to why they told me it was rejected and am applying again. This was with Chase Home Finance Corporation. I ask that you join me in prayer that this time The Loan Modification on my house goes through without any snags. I lay claim to this in the Name of Jesus. I know that all things we ask for in his Name shall come to pass if we believe and trust in him. I also know that the more people praying the faster the results most of the time. So I beg you to join me in believing that this Loan Modification is going to go through without any problems and that my New Monthly Loan amount will be under $500 a month. I also ask for you to pray for me for my Health I have sarcoidosis. I asked for Complete Healing from it. It is wreaking havoc on my body.I also ask for Prayer for my Finances in General..
Rickie Lee Hoyle, Jr
1:23:50 AM

Father in Heaven, pls help my husband in his business. Lord pls open a way for him and send him right person. Lord you know our situation. We commit everything in your hand
Alice Heng
11:31:11 PM

My son is battling depression and anger following a divorce. he cannot seem to shake them although it's been a year. Please pray that Christ's peace overwhelms him, and God's wisdom and guidance are his.
3:58:59 PM

please pray for my family to get a good job.we are having financial problem.please pray for us.
12:27:31 PM

I am bed ridden for past one year due to a bone disease .I prayed to God to heal me me ,am sure that lord jesus can do wonders as did to blind deaf ,I believe strongly that Jesus will heal me ,kindly remeber me in your prayer
2:07:41 AM

please pray for healing in my body.
8:44:41 AM

Hi Pastor, I am shiny Varghese.Please pray for me my family life.
3:35:21 AM

please pray for my newly started business.this is my last and only hope to make some money to live.
manjith abraham
9:48:02 AM

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"In my alarm I said, " I am cut off from your sight!"
Yet You heard my cry for mercy when I called to You for help."
Psalms - 31: 22

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